About Raul

A Conservative Leader

A Family Man

Raúl and his wife, Rebecca, are the proud parents of five children – Michael, Katerina, Joshua, Diego and Rafael. They live in Eagle, ID, where four of their children are enrolled in the local public schools and their oldest son, Michael, serves on a mission in Uruguay.

Raúl knows the vital importance of family. He was born in Puerto Rico and was raised in a single parent-household. His mother struggled to help him earn a brighter future and inspire hope in him. Through a solid belief in the value of education, Raúl’s mother moved their small family to the mainland and Raúl completed high school, and he later earned a degree from Brigham Young University and an advanced degree at the University of Washington.

Raúl built a successful small business and was the owner and managing partner of a law firm with offices in Boise and Nampa.

Raúl and Rebecca are active members of their church and involved in community life. Raúl, who is an Eagle Scout, has previously volunteered with the Boy Scouts of America and served on several state and local Republican committees.

A Conservative Leader
Raúl was a leading conservative in the Idaho Legislature and has emerged as one of the most prominent conservative voices in Washington, D.C. Since his election to a seat in the Idaho House of Representatives in 2006, Raúl has been a clear and consistent advocate for Idaho values. Now, as our Congressman, he is proud to extend his record of fiscal responsibility, limited government and individual freedom to the halls of Capitol Hill.

In just his first term in Congress, Raúl has been an unwavering advocate for what matters to Idahoans. He has fought to protect our privacy from an overreaching federal government as a vocal opponent of NDAA and the Patriot Act. He has been a tireless supporter of scaling back the size and score of government, voting against all needless spending bills in the U.S. House of Representatives. He has voted for every measure that would reduce our tax burden and reform this cumbersome system once and for all.

He has also been one of Congress’s most innovative Members. During the debt ceiling negotiations, Speaker John Boehner credited Raúl as “leader of the freshman class” for his work in securing a vote for a Balanced Budget Amendment for the first time since 1995. As a member of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, he has fought for justice for the murder of Border Agent Brian Terry as a result of the Obama Administration’s disgraced “Fast and Furious” gunrunning program. After reviewing all of the significant findings, Raúl was the first Member of Congress to formally and courageously demand the resignation of Attorney General Holder for his failures as the nation’s most important agent of justice.

Despite overwhelming national acclaim for his conservative bonafides, Raúl has always remained acutely focused on the needs of Idaho. In February 2012, his bill to remove federal restrictions on geothermal energy exploration passed the U.S. House of Representatives with a bipartisan majority. He has also advanced the Grazing Improvement Act to help America’s agribusiness families, as well as legislation to permanently reform Secure Rural Schools so states like Idaho can responsibly manage their own natural resources.

In addition to his significant legislative responsibilities in D.C., he remains focused on the needs of Idaho’s First Congressional District. In less than a year and a half, his office has secured the return of nearly $6 million that was owed to his constituents and obtained missing medals for Idaho’s veterans. He has maintained consistent communication with his constituents through numerous traditional town halls and telephone town halls.

Raúl’s consistent commitment to conservative values has been recognized by leading conservative organizations in Idaho and throughout the United States:

• Americans for Prosperity: A+ or 100 percent.
• Club for Growth: A+ or 100 percent; one of only nine members of Congress to earn this distinction.
• Family Research Council: 100 percent.
• American Conservative Union: 96 percent.
• U.S. Chamber of Commerce: 94 percent; recipient of the “Spirit of Enterprise Award.”
• National Taxpayers Union: A or 89 percent.
• Heritage Foundation: 87 percent.
• National Rifle Association: A.

Congressman Labrador has earned national media acclaim for his role as one of the most compelling stand-outs of the freshman class. He has been a frequent guest on the Sunday morning programs, such as NBC’s “Meet the Press” and ABC’s “This Week.” He is also a regular contributor on CNN, MSNBC, Fox News Channel and the Fox Business Chanel. Of course, you can catch him on local Idaho radio and television programming several times a month, too. Whether it’s here at home or at a big network in D.C., the media has identified Raúl as an important voice for conservatism and for Idaho.

Raúl has a proven record of consistently standing up for our values. He is the rare politician who stands up and fights for what’s right. He knows his chief responsibility, as a public servant is to protect the taxpayers, not the special interests. He has kept his promises to his constituents and will continue to keep his promises to you in Congress.

Our country is at a crossroads. While we endure hardships, we wonder about the uncertain future ahead. These times require brave and bold leadership rooted in a moral foundation unshaken by the political winds as they blow.

We have that leader in Raúl Labrador. With so much at stake, we need him in Washington fighting for us.

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